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Name : Praveen.K.S

Age : 24

Date Of Birth : 19-05-80

Height : 5 feet 10 inches

Weight : 70 kgs.

Race : India           

Nationality : Indian

Religion : Hindu , Muslim , Christian ....Which ever you like...











Address :Arunodayam, Vadakkevila.P.O, Kollam-10, Kerala, India

Tel No : +91 9447332366

E-mail : praveenks74@rediffmail.com

Languages known :  Malayalam, English     

Educational Qualification

Passed std10th SSLC ,1995 from Nehru Memorial English Medium High School Kaithakkuzhy,Kollam... Completed Pre Degree from Fathima Mata National College,Kollam in 1997.Completed MBBS from T.D.Medical College,Alappuzha in 2002 ....


Plat-Forms worked on

DOS, Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 server edition, XP Professional  edition.


Programming languages

 Visual basic , HTML, JAVA, JavaScript,   DHTML



Multi-media Softwares

Macromedia Flash MX, Dream Weaver, Adobe Photo shop & ImageReady, AdobePrimere , Paint Shop, Swish , Microsoft FrontPage, Gif Animator,

Other Soft wares : MS-Office



Music ...Photography...  irritating others (main hobby)...and of course computing. My first exposure to computers was through books. The first "computer" I had was a small Casio Digital Diary (do not remember the model). Any way ,most of the time while @home I will be in front of my Celeron  800...




 ACTOR: praveenks (who else)
 SPORTS: Socker, Shuttle
 COLOR: Black and white
 DRINK:soda surbath
 FOOD: Any Non-veg. variety
 PLACE: Veliyam



 "It's your attitude, not your aptitude that determines your altitude.", 

 "Knowledge is power" >    knowledge = Power  equation1;
 "Stitch in time saves nine" >    Time = Money 
      Power = Work done / Time taken         
            substitute equ.1 & equ.2 in equ.3
            knowledge = work / money i.e.
            money = work / knowledge
 " so when knowledge is zero, money earned is infinite." 

                                                                            luv...                praveenks   


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