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 Administration of T.D.Medical College 


T.D.Medical College New Hospital Complex at Neerkunnam

The college is administered by the Government of Kerala through the Director of Medical Education. The day-to-day administration and internal management of the college is vested with the Principal, who is assisted by the Vice Principal and the Administrative Officer.

The Vice Principal is in charge of all academic matters. Almost all subjects concerning the students are dealt with in the Academic section which is supervised by the Junior Superintendent. The Accounts Officer is in charge of the accounts section which deals with collection of fees, issuing of scholarships to the students etc. The Establishment section deals with matters connected with the posting, promotion, leave, transfer etc. of both teaching and non-teaching staff. The Purchase section is vested with the responsibilities of processing indents and tenders for purchase of equipment.

There is a College Committee of Management consisting of heads of different departments and headed by the Principal. This is an advisory body which helps the Principal in almost all maters concerning the administration of the medical college.

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