In Loving Memory of...                                

                      This site is dedicated to the memory of our precious friend  Aneesh.A.S





                He may be gone from this earth,
           but h
e will forever remain in our hearts..

He was a very good friend and the most beautiful, giving person I knew... in every imaginable way. He touched our souls with his boundless love and left his indelible imprint in the memories of all those who knew him.

This foto was taken while we were in Ooty .  .wondering why I didn't get his  dimple...


He was Our Class Representative... the quiet, strong man with a heart of gold.

The best index to a person's character is how he treats people who can't do him any he treats people who can't fight back. ... and he was always the first to lend a helping hand, no matter how difficult the task.  Even in heaven, I'll bet that he's busy....

                                                               Our friend went to heaven in April 2002


Great joys make us love the world. Unbearable grief compels us to understand it better. Life is so short... and forgetting pain takes forever. Let us be reminded to cherish every moment of our lives... and to tell those close to us how much we love them.

When someone you love becomes a memory,
their memory becomes your treasure...

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