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                                    From Editor's Desk

Hi friends,

                   We have created this site with the intention...to keep in touch between us...and to keep the spirit of our batch always!!!!!!!!

  The address book actually should  be updated frequently, so that every relevant information about each can be easily accessed from our servers . So I request you to update your details frequently...

 Any one who want to give a NEWS FLASH about anything in our site contact me,and I promise you a prompt action!

   A mail box has been created and whoever interested can get their mail id    yourname@tdmedicos.com

The photo section of our site has only very limited photos now. We need more photos and whoever has good, rare photos of our tours, functions, postings etc are requested to contribute. Just scan the photos and send them as email attachment to us. fotos@tdmedicos.com or upload in photo section of our yahoo groups

A  message board has been created , I hope to have more active participation

Please book mark our chatroom and always get in every time you log on to the net

               Get registered in our yahoo groups ,tdmc74

More and more of articles,pictures,videos... from the members and the general public are invited .. Any one interested in web-page development and maintenance are welcome

I also request you to report any news and happenings regarding our batch to news@tdmedicos.com
Also, any suggestions regarding the overall design and content of the web-site are welcome...   

                                          yours ever loving...


                       Dedicated to the loving memory of Aneesh.A.S

This site is a tribute to the memory of our  precious friend Aneesh.A.S...Click Here


      The 74th Batch

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