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                                          About Us

            We are the 1997 admn(74th batch) of  "Thirumala Devasam Medical College",Alappuzha,Kerala, India.  From Abdul Sathar to Vrinda, we were in tdmc from Sept 1997 to June 2003 .During this period we had 3 principals,Dr.Molly Abraham ,Dr.RadhaKrishnan ,  and the great Dr .K.Rajan              
    To start off, our most beloved classmate Aneesh A.S was unanimously elected as the class representative. A lot of things happend during our 1st MBBS, ragging, the intermedicals, class tour to Ooty.... just to mention a few of them . Time passed by pretty fast and we found ourselves appearing for the 1st MBBS exam in new curriculum in August 1998.
     After which we started our 2nd MBBS as 74th and 75th batches ,which was our most happy and exciting time in our
campus life, with a terrific class tour to the Garden city and an Arts festival and we crashed to the 2nd MBBS Examination in December 1999. We lived the 3rd MBBS part 1 time with some memorable moments....the Choreo athetosis and pseudo membrane, the fashion show on which our batch showed an unusual unity. Shortly after that we challenged the Final MBBS 1st part examination and came up with 100% pass.
     The final MBBS, as usual was dull and with lot of tension and study. we inched to the university exams, which was full of dramatic scenes and heart throbbing situations. The exam started in January 2002, got a halt after surgery exam and restarted after 1 1/2 months and the practical exams lead to the departure of our most loving and energetic friend, Aneesh.The result broke our batch into 4 different groups, who are going to complete their house surgeoncy on 4 different dates........ but still united and will do so to be forever. ...   

                            Any suggestions regarding the overall design and content of the web-site are welcome .Please support us by Clicking on the sponsored   links on every page....    


 Dedicated to the loving memory of Aneesh.A.S


      The 74th Batch

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